Bob & Andrea meet while serving with
MTW in Ukraine.

Bob proposes to Andrea.  
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Bob & Andrea get married and move to
Atlanta where Bob is the MTW Director
of Recruiting

Bob & Andrea return to Ukraine,
serving in the port city of Odessa

Bob & Andrea return to Atlanta to
transition to “Career Missionary”
status and recruit more missionaries
for Europe.

2006 (March)
The Burnhams returned to  Ukraine
where Bob is again leading MTW's
church-planting team in Odessa.

Bob:  July 11
Andrea: March 19
Abigail Odette: July 4
Emily Faith:  February 27
Iris Elisabeth:  December 2

Wedding Anniversary:  February 7
Burnham Snapshots
About the Burnhams
For the last decade, Bob and
Andrea Burnham have been
planting churches in Ukraine
with Mission to the World,
the mission sending agency
for the Presbyterian Church
in America (PCA).  While
overseas, they have helped to
build growing congregations
in Izmail and Odessa.  At
home in the U.S., they have
motivated and recruited
others to join their work.

Bob grew up in Pensacola, FL,
but moved to Nashville, TN in
1987 where he received a
degree in Music Business from
Belmont University.  The Holy
Spirit used the witness of
believers, Mere Christianity
(C.S. Lewis) and a Sonship seminar with Jack Miller to draw Bob into a closer
relationship with Jesus.  Andrea faithfully attended church while growing up in
Littleton, CO but received a fresh understanding of God’s unmerited mercy while
studying the Bible with high school friends in the neighborhood.  She grew in her
faith through her involvement with Navigators campus ministry at the University of
Colorado in Boulder.  She received her degree in Architecture spring of '95.

Having a passion for making known the glories of God, as well as a love for people
and travel, Bob and Andrea joined Mission To The World separately and were placed on
the same team in Izmail, Ukraine.  They ministered there from 1995-1997 and grew to
love the Ukrainian people - and each other!  After marrying in ’98 the Burnhams
relocated to Atlanta, GA where Bob was already working as MTW's Director of
Recruiting.  In 2001 they returned to Ukraine where Bob led MTW's church-planting
team in Odessa.

Bob and Andrea were approved as career missionaries with MTW in 2004.  They hope to
return to Ukraine in January, 2006, again leading MTW’s church-planting team in
Odessa, and working through the reformed Presbyterian churches to share the gospel
and disciple new believers.  The Burnhams have three beautiful daughters: Abigail
Odette (July 4, 2000), Emily Faith (Feb. 27, 2002), and Iris Elisabeth  (Dec. 2,
Our home in Lawrenceville, GA