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Ukraine Contact Information:
Bob & Andrea Burnham
PO Box 97
Odessa, Ukraine 65045

Internet Phone: (303) 800-6260
Skype User Name: Bob.Burnham
Facebook: Bob Burnham or Andrea Johnson Burnham

The internet phone number is the best way to reach
us. You'll be charged for a domestic call to
Denver, but reach us in Ukraine.  Just remember
that  we're SEVEN HOURS ahead of Eastern time.
best time to reach us is between 5am and 3pm
Eastern time.

011-38-095-727-3034 (Bob's cell)
011-38-095-727-3035 (Andrea's cell)

Eastern Time  Odessa Time
5:00am        12:00pm
7:00am         2:00pm
9:00am         4:00pm
11:00am         6:00pm
1:00pm         8:00pm
3:00pm        10:00pm