Burnham Snapshots
Photography has long been a passion of ours. It's a wonderful tool for helping our
friends and family back home see our own family grow and understand more of
what we do in Ukraine.  

Beyond that, however, lies a deeper love -- a love for our Creator.  Whether it's in
the face of a child or the face of a sunflower, God's mighty power and majesty are
made known through His creation, and we love to at least attempt to capture that on

Feel free to make prints of any of these images, and if any of them are particularly
interesting to you, let us know -- we'd love to hear about it.
Gallery photos include picture categories like "family", "friends", "Ukraine",
"Ministry", "nature", etc...

Month-in-Review photographs capture the highlights of each month.
Two ways to enjoy our photos!
Oksana Zhadan Calendar