Burnham Snapshots
Praise and Prayer Requests
Please pray for the church in Ukraine. Our denomination became
self-governing 2 years ago, and it's a challenging transition,
because we (MTW) are basically moving from a position of being
over the church to a position of working alongside the church.
As the Ukrainian church takes full responsibility, there is
more potential for strain on relationships and resources. Pray
that our missionary team will gain clear direction from God
about what our future involvement here is to be.
While on Home Ministry Assignment (HMA) our main job is to
visit our supporters and churches to share personally the
wonderful things that God is doing in Ukraine.  We're also in
need of further support and are looking for new partner
churches.  Please pray that God would lead us to the right
people and places to keep this ministry continuing!
Our church congregation experiences the difficulties and
heartaches that any church family in the States will. Right
now Bob and I are in the midst of a 12-week
Sunday school
class covering "Biblical Portrait of Marriage,"
in order to
give Bible-based solutions for common problems occuring
between couples in our church. Please pray that God will use
these lessons about healthy marriages to strengthen spouses
who seek to relate to one another as God prescribed in His
Holy Word. We are happy to see much of the youth group also
attending adult Sunday school (and taking part in some dramas
which introduce each lesson!), and pray they will more fully
understand God's merciful purposes in giving certain
parameters for their future love relationships. Praise God for
good attendance! We also ask your prayers of protection for
our sister in Christ,
Marina, to heed God's warnings about
whom to avoid in marriage and decide not go through with her
planned wedding at the end of March.
A lot has happened in Ukraine over the last decade, but
there's still much to do!  Our teams have gotten smaller over
the last few years and Bob is recruiting new people to join
us.  Please pray that God would raise up church-planters,
especially pastors, to join us in establishing His Kingdom
throughout Ukraine.