At A Glance — for all you skimmers out there…(you know who you are!)

  • We’re on Home Ministry Assignment and living in Lawrenceville, GA (near MTW HQ)
  • Everybody is doing very well!
  • Andrea is busy fixing up our house (very overdue) so we can rent it when we return to the field.
  • Bob is busy visiting churches and raising funds for a church building in north Odessa.
  • We’ll be in Suffolk, Virginia next weekend, and then Bob returns to Ukraine the following week for meetings with leaders.
  • We’re incredibly thankful for all of you and hope to see you soon!


Hi all,

We’re writing to you from the strange, faraway land of Lawrenceville, GA – truly foreign soil to us!  This summer we returned from Ukraine for the purpose of fulfilling an “HMA.”  For all you Acronymophobes out there (no, I don’t think that’s really a word), that would be a “Home Missionary Assignment.”  If that raised at least one eyebrow and you’re wondering what HMA is and what that means for you, here are a few answers.

What exactly is an HMA, and why does MTW have their missionaries do this?

A “Home Missionary Assignment” is a missionary’s scheduled return to their home country for the purpose of:

  • Visiting supporters and supporting churches to give a first-hand account of what God is doing.
  • Raising additional support for ministry.
  • Recruiting more people for our team.
  • Taking a step back to evaluate our ministry and discern whether there is something different we should / could be doing.
  • Investing in opportunities to see family, be refreshed spiritually, and avoid burnout.
  • Doing all the necessary and preventative medical visits that we haven’t done for the last four years.

HMA always means lots of time in the car!

What is HMA not?  It’s not a vacation! While it is wonderful to see friends, family and churches that we haven’t visited since our 4 years on the field, we still treat our Stateside stay as a full-time job essential to ministry in Ukraine going forward and being fruitful for years to come.

Where will we be?

During the summer we were able to travel as a family to Florida, Oklahoma, and Colorado, but with our three daughters in school now, Bob (and sometimes Andrea) will be doing most of the remaining travel. We’re still working out our calendar, but here is what we know for sure:

  • October 28-30      Suffolk, VA (Westminster Reformed Presbyterian Church)
  • November 8-13     Odessa, Ukraine (meeting with pastors)
  • November 14-20   Toulouse, France (Europe Team Leader Conference)
  • November 21-26   Pensacola, FL (McIlwain Presbyterian Church)
  • December 28-Jan 3 Pensacola, FL
  • February 17-19      Atlanta, GA (ChristChurch PCA)
  • February 15           Birmingham, AL (Covenant Presbyterian)
  • Feb 25 – Mar 4      Birmingham, AL (Briarwood Presbyterian)
  • April 2-9                Denver, CO (Deer Creek Presbyterian)
  • April 23-30            Crete (Europe Area Retreat)

If you don’t see your area or church on the list, contact us! We would love to work with you in connecting personally with as many of you as we can during our time on this side of the ocean!

Do we still need support?

Yes!  Not only do we still count on your faithful support, we need to increase our funding a bit.  While we are amazed and very thankful that more than 90% of you have been able to continue supporting the growth of God’s Kingdom in Ukraine, it’s natural that some of our supporters have gone through life changes and are unable to continue.  For that reason, and because costs always go up around the world, we find it necessary to raise a bit of additional support.  If you’re receiving this, and you’re not already supporting this ministry, would you consider it?

How can we reach you? is still the best way to reach us, but you can also call me (Bob) at 850.346.4858.

When will we return to Ukraine?

As soon as our girls are out of school, we’ll begin packing up our temporary home here in the U.S., make a few more stops as a family to see supporters and then fly overseas in time (we hope) to take part in our churches’ evangelistic English Camp summer 2017. If we have not raised all of our needed support we will be forced to delay until school starts in Ukraine, end of August.

Summer 2017 Month in Review

It was a busy summer!  Click on the picture below or on the link to see more photos of the places we went, the things we did, and the people we saw – maybe even you!



Thanks for all of you who have been supporting us with your love, friendship, prayers, and finances!  We consider it an honor to partner with you in advancing God’s Kingdom.


Bob & Andrea

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