Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!

Happy Easter to all you!

Our new landlady dropped by the other day and asked us if we also celebrate “Paskha” (Easter).  I told her emphatically that, “YES!  We consider it the most important day of the year!”  She was a little surprised at my response. Saturday in our English club (Elevate), we mentioned the upcoming Easter holiday and proclaimed that we consider it a celebration of “the most important event in human history.”  I think that caught a lot of people off guard. In America, Easter is near the bottom of the list of big holiday celebrations, according to several recent surveys. In most European countries, like Ukraine, it’s somewhat a big deal, but the significance of the actual event is buried under commercialism and tradition. Why is it such a big deal?  Slow down as you read this next part.

We’re talking about the God/man who was miraculously conceived, born in obscurity – yet fulfilled centuries of prophesies concerning his genealogy and life, lived a perfectly sinless life, was sacrificed for the sins of mankind cancelling the debt of sin for those who put their faith in Him, then overcame DEATH by being resurrected after three days in the tomb, thereby granting those who follow Him the right to spend eternity with an everlasting, ever-loving Father. We are talking about the One who provides salvation for the human race, past present and future. Stop for a moment to consider the weight of what you just read. If you have received this grace and mercy, then join us in praising Jesus and celebrate with joy today!

If you are not one who has trusted in Jesus personally, then hear what is being offered to you today. You are a created being who is by nature, guilty of rebellion against a beautiful, holy God. However, He is offering you forgiveness at the expense of His own Son, and is placing before you, now, the fresh opportunity to be reconciled to Him, and, furthermore, to be adopted as His beloved son or daughter.  Peace with your maker and a life rooted in truth and filled with eternal purpose can begin, today, for you.  What will it cost you?  Everything.  And believe us – or better yet, trust Him – it’s worth the price!  You can talk to God right now about this, and you can talk to us, too, if you want. 🙂


Months in Review!

Rather than write out what we’ve been up to for the last few months, take a look at our Month in Review (MIR), covering the first quarter of 2018 and showing the things that made life very interesting for us!  You can click on the picture below to see the slideshow, but it does require a flash player.  Click on “SHOW INFO” to see the captions.  If you don’t have a flash player and are unable to view the slideshow, trying clicking here instead and be sure to click on the picture for captions!  Sorry, one of these days we’ll get it worked out! 🙂

Thank you for all your prayers, giving, and encouragement!

We couldn’t be here without you.

Happy Easter!

Love, the Burnhams

(Bob, Andrea, Abigail, Emily & Iris)


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