Honestly, we really feel silly putting this page on our website.  
God has been abundantly gracious to us and there is nothing that we
need ("Need", as our friend Bryan Gueltig says, "is an awfully big
four letter word!")

Sometimes we're asked, however, by family and friends who would like
to put together a care package for us, if there is anything that we
miss, or would be helpful.  So if you're interested in sending
something over, here is a list of things (in no particular order)
that we can't find here -- stuff that we would greatly appreciate.
The easiest way to send is through the US Post Office but it may be
cheaper through MEEST, depending on the size and your location.  
They can be found online for more info.  
THANK YOU for your

  • children's or teen girl multi-vitamins
  • good coffee (Folgers/Seattle's Best, etc) or flavored hot
    chocolate packets
  • DECAF tea (we LOVE Celestial Seasonings flavors)
  • flavored baking chips (mint chocolate/butterscotch/peanut
  • Corn chips or taco shells (best if put inside shoe boxes)
  • Kashi cereal (Cinnamon Harvest, Autumn Wheat, Heart to
    Heart,  etc.)or fun kids cereals (out of box and in bag is
  •  package regular grits
  • Cliff Bars
  • Whey Protein (you can usually find it at Walmart, and instead
    of shipping the container, you can put the powder in ziploc
    bags instead. :-)
  • (waterless) chunk-light tuna packets
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