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The Burnham family, advancing a reformed church-planting movement with Mission to the World in Odessa, Ukraine
Snapshots from Ukraine
Month in Pictures
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More on YouTube!!
Halloween at Katya's school Always eager to meet new people and develop relationships, our girls jumped at the
opportunity to visit a Ukraine classroom and share about American traditions -- this time it's Halloween!

A Day in the Life (part 1) We're often asked what a "Day in our life" is like, so Andrea put together a little video showing
typical events from her days.  Enjoy!

A Day in the Life (part 2)

Baby It's Cold Outside! We recently were asked to do a song at the Christmas party -- this is what we came up with. . .

Odessa Children's Presentation (Abby & Emily join our church's children in a Christmas presentation.)

Odessa Christmas Concert  (Bob & Andrea sing in the Christmas Cantata, directed by Tom Saxon.)

Welcome to Our World (Abigail sings the Chris Rice song, "Welcome to Our World" for the MK Christmas Party.)

Kid Talk (Abigail and Emily's talent in Svalyava, Ukraine)

The Leech's Daughters (Abigail & Emily's Christmas Song, based on Proverbs 30:15)

Bob's Balancing Act (Bob symbolically shows what our life in Ukraine is like.)

Our First Stop-action attempt!
Current Phone Number and e-mails
You can still reach us by Skype, but the best way to reach us while we're in the States is on our cell
phones.   Our new numbers are:

Home:  +38 (048) 724-8292
Bob's cell: +38 (095) 727-3034
Andrea's cell: +38 (095) 727-3035
Vonage phone: (303) 800-5692
Skype user name is Bob.Burnham

We'd love to hear from you so give us a call! (remember, we're 7 hours AHEAD of Eastern Time Zone!)

If you'd like to reach us by e-mail,
write to us here:

e-mail: BurnhamFamily@earthlink.net
We've been adding to our video repertoire!  Below is a list of the videos included on YouTube -- click on the title to see
them.  If you have dial-up, click "pause" when the video starts to load and wait until it has finished loading before hitting
Ministry Overview
While we were in the States a few years ago, we showed a
five-minute video to many of our supporting churches that
showed what Ukraine is like, and what kind of an impact our
ministry is having.  If you'd like to see it, click
here or on the
picture to the right.
Map of Odessa
Izmail Life Care Center
Month in Review
Photography Tips
This summer we put together a short video
that shows how we are helping Ukrainian
believers establishes outreaches to the
community.   Here's the finished work,
highlighting the Christian Counseling
Center in Odessa, the Medical Clinic in
Belgorod, and the Life Care Center in Izmail.
Helping Ukrainian believers reach Odessa with the Gospel!
Something almost every
American can do!
Missionaries often spend a lot of time in seminary,
language school, and cultural courses learning how to
better bring the gospel to a culture.  None of that is
very helpful, however, unless you have people to talk
with!  It's ironic that the most useful tool we Americans
have to meet people in Ukraine is a tool that we've had
since we were in kindergarten -- speaking English!

Many Ukrainians want to learn English, and a native
speaker is the best person to learn from. You could do
it too, contact us if you're interested!
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Month in Review
Sneak Peek!
90 seconds with
Yanna and Alexander
We want you to meet some of the wonderful
people in our churches.  First up is Yanna and
Alexander, who attend our Presbyterian church
in Izmail, Ukraine!
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